There Is No Place Like Home

Let me start by prefacing this by saying that I am not a blogger.

I never have been, I don’t particularly want to be, but for the purposes of higher education, I have started this blog for the next few months at least, to entertain the notion of a passing grade. So on that note, welcome!

NewYorkKnowsBest will be a place where I fill you in on the realities of living in the city that never sleeps. Unlike the way your Mom withheld the truth about the tooth fairy for too many years, I have no intention of sugar coating anything for you lovely weblings out there. This is your survival guide accompanied by a big smack in the face and a smile.

New York is tough city. Especially if you are like me and 70% of the other kids here who are passionate, vulnerable and still have some sense of hope in tact. It is a place that will kick you down until you think you can’t get up and you either give up and get out, of toughen up and show New York your game face.

So here we are, I have made it this far and although at most points in time I want to run away and hide, the energy of this city keeps me coming back for more. It’s a love/hate relationship if I ever saw one, and just like the boyfriend you keep forgiving for some reason, it’s an addiction that never ends.

In the name of New York – here is a guide to this beautifully hard, tough, magical and dynamic city, for those of us who are still young enough to get away with murder and are yet to make that six figure salary.


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