The fashion-ista’s out there want you to believe the hype. They want you to think that Fashion Week is a totally amazing week of glamour and fun. Unless you are Anna Wintour or some sort of A grade fashion blogger, it’s a painfully draining period of long hours, no sleep, very unnatural body positions, endless fights and a hell of a lot of waiting.

Fashion Week Lessons 101 here kids:

1. The designers couldn’t care less about your time and expect a minimum wait of 45 minutes for any show to wait. 45 minutes after the start time that is.

2. Anyone you see and think is famous and important – probably isn’t. In a generation where everyone is famous for 15 minutes, people like to embrace the possibility of being photographed by a mildly popular street style photographer and have a new Facebook profile picture. Most of the crazy outfits you see will be sported by people who snuck into the tents and have standing tickets to the 9am shows. Anyone and everyone is looking for a lens to pose for; that will help them get one step closer to their dream fashion job of being someone’s personal assistant for the rest of their lives.

3. Fashion PR people are the children of the devil. As someone who has been involved in fashion week from both an audience perspective and as a photographer, I can honestly say that I (and many others) have been treated like dirt by those people attempting to create ‘good public relations’ for designers. Unless your some sort of useless socialite, a TV celebrity or have your name on a masthead at a Conde Nast publication, they don’t want a bar of you. Especially as a young girl who doesn’t dress in Mom jeans, I get particularly singled out by these lovely people, who don’t take me seriously. Why they seem to think that the people who are providing them with the photos that will go in their prized publications don’t need to be treated like humans is utterly mind-blowing to me.

Year after year I dread Fashion Week for the pure fact of dealing with these heinous people for an entire week.

4. Models are vain. They are generally tired and grumpy and want you to get out of their face (understandably.) They know they are beautiful. They want you to take their photo when they feel so inclined – so they can move up in the rankings on And who could blame them? Back in the day when you were 16, didn’t speak english and were from Russia, you thought you were hot too, right?

Shout out to Natasha Poly who refuses to make anyone’s life easier by refusing to let people take photos of her.

5. Fake it till you make it.

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