Moving to America was like coming to the Holy Land.

The holy land of cheese, meat and carbs!

Mexican food is a far a cry away from Australia, so it has become a somewhat luxurious delicacy to me.
In fact, I have developed such a love affair with this food group that I have found myself dressed as a taco, far too regularly?
This may become an issue.

I remained adamant for many years, that burritos were in fact one of the healthiest meals around – considering that each contained all major food groups in one meal. It was not until I discovered and the Burrito Generator, that my analogy was shot to pieces as I realized my entre daily calorie intake was consumed in that one delightful melted wrap.

New York is renowned for having the worst Mexican food in the US.

There goes any hope of living out the rest of my days gorging myself on refried beans and tortillas whilst watching reality tv re-runs on Hulu.

But in the midst of overpriced and tasteless New York Mexican, I have found a little piece authenticity in the Lower East Side.

I have a great issue with people trying to charge anything over $10 for a burrito when I know it cost then nothing to make and they are simply jacking up the prices because they known people crave saturated fats on the regular. So my initial judgment of any Mexican establishment, first arises from the price. If I begin to see double digits after that dollar sign, I’m out of there quicker than John Galliano in a synagogue.

Festival Mexican0 is now my home away from home.

Owned by a family from San Antonio, TX it has proper traditional food, great prices and that typical shitty ‘hole in the wall’ décor that we all love to hate.

For $9 I got TWO BURRITO’S (one steak and one chicken) passing up on the vegetable, pork and shrimp options. The plate came with free rice, beans, cheese, sour cream and guacamole as well as unlimited free tortilla chips. I don’t know about you, but when avocado is free, I fall in love on the spot.

The waiters are little old Mexican women who barely speak English but want to try and help you as best they can.
Apologies to the poor waitress who got stuck with me as a customer – asking some ridiculous amount of questions regarding each menu item and the quality of their meat products.

And with that, she suggested a Margarita.

  1. I am going to New York in May, looks like I found a place I need to go! Thanks for sharing. =)

  2. Food is my FAVORITE food.

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