Something I don’t care about…St Patricks Day.

Something I do care about…heat and sunshine!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen – we have made it.
For another year the entire population of New York has made it through another miserable winter and March has brought us some hope and happiness in our lives.

This piccy courtesy of Amelia Labzin

Admittedly, there are many places throughout the country that get the winter spanking (shout out to Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland) far worse than New York. But considering that the people living in the Big Apple also have to deal with a mound of other obstacles all year around – the winter just ends up being one giant slap in the face. This year particularly, Mother Nature seemed to have hit menapause and in case we were not already listening – she threw a very long and cold tantrum.

But do not fear, long gone are the days locked inside your house, the antisocial attitude, the winter depression, the lusting for someone warm to spoon you and your desire to feed the pain and frost bite with soul food. Summer is coming! Yesterday we hit an insane 75 degrees (warm to those working in Celsius) and the city went into a fluster. No one seemed to know what to do with themselves. People flocked to the streets, lining the outdoor patios of restaurants – smiling their little heads off. Coats were off, legs were out and the city seemed to get an overnight face lift.

So in the spirit of all things happy, here are some images from around New York to make you feel good, give you hope that you will not die a long death wrapped in a floor length coat and get you excited for the months ahead – when New York comes alive and returns to city that lured us here in the first place.


For most people, this still may look like an urban jungle, but by New York standards – it’s killing it

Mmmmmm nature it’s all it’s glory.

Now get off your computer and go bathe in all this happiness and sunshine.

You never know, it might be a distant memory tomorrow.


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