New York is the deli capital of the world.

Bodega, corner store, convenience shop – what ever you want to call it, cheap sandwichs and food are a small step away at most moments in time.

LaBagel Delight is no exception. As the name suggests, it sells bagels (amoungst other things.)

From the outside it looks like anyother mediocre food establishment in the city that you run into for the pure sake of convience or at 2am when you are drunk, and an extra large Philly Cheesesteak seems like a good idea.

(atmosphere at it’s finest)

Unlike the rest of it’s competitors out there however, LaBagel Delight is giving something back to the community – saying thanks to all those nights you two spent together.

Although they seem to cater to giving food deals left right and center anyway, it seems only fitting that they provide a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for the poor college  students out there.

LaBagel Delight has seemingly taken their lead from secret menu experts In&Out Burger – who seemed to have developed much of their allure through the fact that 90% of the menu isn’t actually on the menu – ‘animal style‘ anyone?

So here’s the deal:

If you buy $10 or more of cold cuts (deli meats and cheeses) between 2pm and 6pm on any weekday – you receive 12 bagels for free.

That may not sound like anything exciting to anyone living in any humane/normal area of the world, but in a city where a monthly transport card costs $110 and your rent could go towards feeding a third world country, this is like winning the lottery.

LaBagel Delight has provided lunch and perhaps breakfast for at least a week for $10. Think about how much deli meat and cheese you can eat in a week, now add some tasty bagels to that combo and you are in business.

Now I have only ever used this combo to my advantage at their Dumbo location, so I have no idea if it is continued throughout the city.
(Let me know if you find out.)

Either way though, if you are poor, broke and hungry – spend the $2.25, get on the dam train and get yourself some free carbs.


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