New York City is to beautiful people as LA is to aspiring actors.

Admittedly, half of those New York beauties are also aspiring models, but on the whole – New York is a pretty attractive place.
Here, obesity is a foreign concept – I mean, the apartment sizes really restrict any sort of abnormal weight because you first and foremost wouldn’t be able to fit inside your shoebox house?

A professor recently told me that Chelsea was the skinniest zip code in a New York.
This got me thinking – skinny by what standard?

There’s skinny.
And then there’s New York skinny.

Surprisingly there is a lot of information about this on the world-wide web – all begging to explain New York’s unnatural obsession with skin and bones. But to me, it doesn’t come down to the zip code you live in or where you go to school, but instead there are a few basic (and obvious) reasons why New Yorker’s are apparently the skinniest kids out.

1. Knowone here has a car – aka there is nothing to hide behind. It also means you end up walking everywhere; rain, hail or shine.
As much as it is a bitch at the time, it does help burn those unwanted calories.

2. People here don’t have any money left. Of course this really only applies to some, but most of Brooklyn and any one in school or paying off student loans is roughing it hard to try to make ends meet. They barely have enough money to pay their own rent, let alone eat lavishly. It’s not that these people want to be New York skinny – they just don’t have a choice. I read an article recently by an anthropologist who observed that to JUST survive in New York (pay bills, pay rent and eat) an average person needs to earn $25 an hour. And trust me – that ain’t happening for most.

3. Public transport is the only way to get around and besides from eliminating the need for a car (and sitting time) it also means that the heavier you are, the harder it is to fit into that over crowed 9am train or get that last seat on the 5pm bus. It’s just a logistics thing.

4. Everyone is looking. This is most poignant to the male gay community – who have seemed to developed this insanely unnatural obsession with weight. There are cameras everywhere, fashion week twice a year and models strolling down the street making you feel obese by comparison. The city itself has manifested this unnatural standard of normal weight for itself and continues to obsess.

5. Fashion to blame? A city centered around the fashion industry in so many respects may be to blame for the shrinking waistlines of New York residents. Besides from the obvious MB Fashion Week – boutique stores don’t tend to stock sizes larger than an 8. So unless you want to remain naked, they make it pretty hard to dress unless you shed the pounds.

(More obnoxious quotes here)

So when will this end? This obsession with the bold and the beautiful?
Time will only tell.

But in the mean time, I’m going give the one up to the entire prospect and go enjoy my extra-large slice of pepperoni pizza.
Life is too short to miss out on these small and tasty pleasures.


  1. Elias Rios says:

    I loved this. Coming from Chicago (one of the world’s ‘fattest’ cities that’s in like NYC in many ways, safe transportation/car issues) to NYC, I realized everyone is so much slimmer, but for me and my roommates, it was because we could barely afford ramen noodles and canned tuna. I came back from NYC maybe 15 lbs lighter, and I was already a twig when I got there.

    Love the blog.

  2. Elias Rios says:

    that’s like NYC , minus transportation/car issues*

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