When you are a poor and hungry college student it is a simple pleasure to pretend you have money.
Even if it is only for an hour or two.

Everyone needs a break once in a while,
so why not treat yourself to that “I am a real person” feeling while still paying the “I eat too much Ramen” price?
It’s a win win really.

This place looks nice right?

It looks like the food would be at least three times your daily budget and you may have to spend the next
week justifying to yourself why it was worth it, right?

Welcome to heaven.

Not much of a secret to young New York locals but a great tip for those venturing to the city, with two locations, Cafetasia is a perfect place to sit, relax and eat great, cheap food minus an environment where there is the impending threat that the person behind you may kill you at any moment.








Avoid the dodgy back alleys where falafel and pizza slices are cheap but have probably been made while violating too many health codes and take advantage of this place.

Being an 85 year old woman on the inside, this is my kind of place. A deal for every time of the day.

At lunch (11am – 4pm daily – INCLUDING WEEKENDS) you can get a lunch special that includes a main and a starter for only $7!

For later lunch (4pm – 7pm daily – INCLUDING WEEKENDS) you can get an ‘Early Bird’ special that includes a main, a starter and an alcoholic beverage of your choice for only $10! Now that’s what I am talking about.

On top of that Happy Hour runs the same time and you can get great cocktails aka a Lychee martini for $4.

The food is actually amazing too – the price is no indication of taste or quality and they give you ‘real people’ serving sizes instead of skimpy on the size of ‘specials.’

So basically, you can understand why this place is a staple in your New York agenda.
Cheap food, cheap alcohol and a great environment where you can feel classy.

Because after all, everyone wants to feel like a classy broad in New York once and while, don’t they.
We are just doing it the unconventional way… with the universally recognized symbols of class…
spring rolls and some fried dumplings.





Food images thanks to


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