East Village Radio is a New York staple.

A New York staple I had never heard of until recently.
So I figured, if I had never heard of this legendary institution, some of you out there may not have either.

Now please forgive me if this is old hand news to you, but for everyone else, welcome to the smallest station on earth –
East Village Radio.

There is 99% chance that you have walked past this hole in the wall before and never even noticed that it was streaming to over
1 millions listeners as you aimlessly wandered on by.

 The station runs out of a storefront on 1st Avenue.

EVR.com features two-hour live shows in music, talk, and comedy with more than 1 million listeners a month.

It’s a radio statio for kids like us, who don’t listen to the radio anymore.
Well, the radio as we traditionally know it.

 This online station features resident guests such as Mark Ronson who can be seen on Friday nights, spinning less than 3 feet away from pedestrians.

Other guest DJ’s include Duran Duran, The Dandy Warhols, Big Boi and a plethora of other obscure bands that if you
name drop them, will make you sound like you know what the you’re talking about.

Point of the matter is, EVR is all about providing music to our generation the way we want to hear it;
promoting young talent and the spread of genuinely good quailty music.

Check them out at eastvillageradio.com


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