Didn’t your mother ever tell you to eat breakfast?

I don’t know about you, but the second I wake up, my metabolim turns into a 17 year old male football player I am ready to eat a three course meal.
Attractive I know.

And for those of you living on a diet of cigarettes, adderol and coffee, sorry to disappoint, but that doesn’t really have the same nutritional value as a real meal.

So for those who don’t want to spend $25 on some overpriced trendy granola and just need something to start the day…
meet Maria…your new best friend.

Maria’s Cafe, on the corner of Avenue C and 3rd Street in the East Village, has become a local staple.
Every morning, the entire sidewalk of this corner is packed to the brim with people getting their morning 75c coffee and for some reason just standing around doing nothing. Rain, hail or shine, the Maria fans come out to play.

So what makes this literal hole in the wall so amazing for someone like us?
Breakfast is the cheapest in town by far.

Yes, that’s $2.75 for eggs, toast, home fries and some some sausage.
If you are a big spender and like the nicer things in life too, add a whole 75c for a coffee and call it a day.

It may not be 5 star menu food, but for the price, it’s amazing.
And when its early and all you need is a pick me up, this is the next best thing to a home cooked meal.

So if you ever find yourself in this area in the early hours of the morning – on the walk of shame or simply hunting out cheap food, give Maria a little visit.
For less than a small Starbucks coffee you can feed yourself for breakfast!

The best $2.75 you ever spent.
(Please note, neither of these men who work there, are, or claim to be Maria) 


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