If you read nothing else on this blog besides this post, you will die a happier person.

Everyone loves the feeling of independence. Leaving home, going off the college, for most, moving as far away as possible and finally determining your own life.
As great as that might be, and as much as you might embrace the freedom…it doesn’t mean you know how to look after yourself just yet.

Prime example: when you are home one night with nothing in your cupboards besides ramen and canned soup and you have grown sick of PB&J sandwhiches or pasta with tomato sauce, you would do anything for a home cooked meal.

Because after all, no one does it quiet like Mum.

But fear not, those days of empty stomachs and homesickness are over, because New York understands.
MAMA’S Food Shop – most commonly referred to as MAMA’S has answered every one of your youthful cries for help.

Located on 3rd Street, between Avenue A and B – Mama’s is a perfect off beat location to indulge and leave in a food coma, without then having to deal with the strolling tourists obnoxiously blocking the streets.

The best thing about Mama’s is the fact that its super cheap (maximum food for minimum money) and its BYOB!
Talk about heaven?!

For around $12 you can get the biggest plate of food you could possibly imagine.

Great to share or you can eat as much as you can without throwing up and then have left overs for days.

Typically I get a meat of choice (selection varies but staples include meatloaf wrapped in bacon,  tilapia, pulled pork and fried chicken) with two sides (mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, garlic broccoli, sweat potatoes, roasted honey carrots and a plethora of other delicious bites.)

And did I mention it’s BYOB?
I’m sorry but what more could you want. Grab some wine, friends and a feast – that is the ultimate people.

The entire place looks like a kitchen from the 50’s and to make you
feel a little more at home, the walls are covered in portraits of vintage “Muma’s.”
Real cute. 

The place gets packed on the weekends – for obvious reasons – so it is suggested to go on an odd day to get a good seat. (Closed Mondays.)

So for all you starving artists out there, or for anymore who just misses some solid home cooked food,
this is the best place you could possibly find.

Soothe your soul with some saturated fats.

One Response to “NO ONE DOES IT LIKE MOM”
  1. argone says:

    Thank you, hope to visit this place next time in NY 🙂

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