In neon lights that guide the way, dressed in clothes that tell more than a thousand stories, directed by the cobbled streets of cities with names you cant pronounce; Sarah Bassett is the true bohemian. An art director – she has traveled the world experiencing the true and beautiful wonders of life first hand. Now at 21, after migrating to America, she has found her place in New York amongst the wild characters who are all simultaneously looking to make their mark.

“I represent the youth of our age. A fashion forward, self assured, creative niche. A paradox between the era we were born and the eras we replicate. Always searching for the new in the old andreinventing the way the world turns. We are of a generation that is political, empowered and beautiful. We see the danger in the safe and are constantly testing the boundaries, creating newer andmore exciting standards that re-define modern age. We appreciate amazing music that defies culture barriers, we wear clothes of self expression and we live lives draped in luxurious fabrics and vintage shoes. We are the future.”

Working as an art director, photographer and stylist for the likes of Dazed and Confused, V Magazine, V Agency, D Mode Argentina, Lollapalooza, VICE, FUDGE Japan, Freestyle, LOOK LOOK, Teen Vogue, Interview and being the youngest person to ever photograph New York fashion week, Sarah never stops. Having travelled to 39 countries alone, speaking fluent Italian and living on four continents has all helped in the process.

Her goal is to humanize the industry and bring a level of honesty and intelligence behind her work that constantly pushes and redefines the boundaries and appeals to the new generations.

She lives in New York.


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